HMI Solutions

Entech Electronics specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced technology switching systems.

Our custom designed keypads can be supplied with a full range of design options including:

  • PCB mounted and membrane switches
  • Decorative capacitive touch switches
  • Ruggedised flat panel switches utilising copper clad flexible polymer substrates
  • Ruggedised flat panel switches utilising Duraswitch® technology
  • Customised silicone rubber keypads with ruggedising options
  • Graphite inks for higher usage applications
  • Full range of finishes including embossing, debossing, selective texturing and raised graphics
  • Flat Key, tactile and polydome
  • Embedded display LED’s and backlighting
  • UV cured ink technology, conductive silver, graphite inks and dielectric crossovers
  • Complete range of base substrates including polyester, polycarbonate, polyurethane
  • Full range of high performance adhesives for a wide range of environments and applications
  • Electromagnetic shielding available for sensitive or high RF emission designs
  • Tails can be finished with 2.54mm pitch connectors or setup to suit a 1mm pitch for a ZIF connector or similar


Talk to one of our HMI and graphics experts and discuss suitable solutions for your next product development projects.



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