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Who is David Raslan?


With a background in sales, customer service and commercialisation, David joined the Entech customer service team in early 2013. He holds qualifications which include a Certificate III in Customer Contact and a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in Marketing and International Business. David has a history of building and maintaining relationships with a diverse range of clientele. He is destined to establish himself in the electronics industry and become a dependable member of  the Customer Liaison Team. David can be reached at

sales@ecg.entechgroup.net or +61 8 8245 6763. pcbs stacked
This month's frequently asked questions.

Q. What is the smallest drill-hole size on a PCB?

A. Smallest mechanical drill size is 0.15mm ( 0.006") Laser drill is smaller at 0.075mm ( 0.003"),

Depending on the design, files need to be viewed.

Q. What is the maximum layer of PCB that you can supply?

A. 32 layers - rigid, 16 layers - Flex-rigid.

Q. Minimum track space offered on our proto-service "P Service".

A. 6 thou track and space typical, but if a customer needs smaller than that we can look at the files and determine if we can manufacture at no extra cost. Alternative prototype services that are able to handle 3.5thou track and space are available upon request.

Q. What's the difference between Immersion Gold ( ENIG) and Silver finish.

A. Electroless Nickel/ Immersion Gold ( ENIG) has excellent electrical properties and produces a very good flat surface finish, but it's a more expensive element than silver.

Silver is also very good for producing flat surfaces, however solderability is enhanced with more reliable solder joints are a result. Silver does tarnish quickly and has a short shelf life prior to soldering so must be handled carefully using sulphur free gloves and sulphur free paper interleaves.


So what makes Entech different?
Here are some things that make Entech Electronics  different from our competitors.

  • Entech has overPCBs multicolour 130 staff located in Adelaide, 
  • Over 115 staff are located in China,
  • Our factory in China is 100% owned by Entech in Australia, 
  • Engineers and purchasing staff in both locations,
  • In house CAD engineers for our PCB service,
  • Warehousing and VMI facilities available to you, 

On the topic of PCBs, I believe our PCB service is the only service offered in Australia and New Zealand that has our own staff located in China, performing CAD work for our clients. This important step adds yet another layer of security to your IP as no actual design files go direct to the PCB factory, just gerbers and drill files.


Entech Electronics is committed to being your one stop manufacturing partner. From your smallest PCB needs, to large scale turnkey manufacture, we have the capability and commitment to deliver on your requirements.
Your friendly customer service team,
Entech Electronics

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